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SWIBREG's magazine & newsletter

SWIBREG is a national quality register with the aim of increasing our knowledge of and improving the care of inflammatory bowel disease. SWIBREG's steering group consists of representatives from gastroenterology from different perspectives - medical, colorectal surgery, pediatrics, nursing, patient. The people who are elected are determined by these organizations:

  • Swedish Gastroenterological Association (SGF)

  • Swedish Association for Colorectal Surgery (SFKRK)

  • Swedish Association for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  • The Association for Nurses in Gastroenterology in Sweden (FSGS)

  • Gastrointestinal Association

  • Tarm- uro- och stomiförbundet (ILCO).

Four times a year, SWIBREG's electronic newsletter is sent out to all members and stakeholder, where we present the latest news within the organization. These newsletters are also compiled in separate magazine that is published once a year and distributed together with the magazine  Gastrokuriren #1, which means that it reaches all stakeholders in Swedish gastroenterology.

You can read more about SWIBREG on their website www.swibreg.se.

Would you like to be seen in SWIBREG's newsletter and magazine and reach all the members and approximately 1,500 readers interested in gastroenterology?

Contact Olle Lundblad for further discussion, or click the "Contact me" button in order to enter your contact details! Reach Olle by calling 0705 44 88 01 or send an email to olle@mediahuset.se