The magazine AllmänMedicin is published in collaboration with the Swedish Association for General Medicine (SFAM) and is aimed at members of SFAM who work as general practitioners in public and private activities, district doctors, family doctors, private doctors, researchers and health centers. 

Our latest reading value survey confirms that AllmänMedicin is at the top in terms of reading value together with Distriktsläkaren, Dagens Medicin and Läkartidningen. The magazine is medically oriented and is a perfect complement to the magazine Distriktsläkaren when it comes to content and advertising. 

AllmänMedicin is published four times a year in about 3 000 copies. You can read the magazine online and you can fins more about the association on their website

Would you like to be seen in AllmänMedicin and reach about 3,000 readers in primary care?

Contact Jesper Lundblad for further discussion, or use the "Contact me!" button in order to enter your contact details. Jesper can be reached on +46 (0) 767 67 65 69 or 

Frequently asked questions

What does the schedule for magazine releases look like in 2022?
You will find all important dates for each issue in the table below - but if you want, you can subscribe to our publishing calendar to, for example enable automatic reminders before each deadline! Click here for Google Calendar-format and here for iCal-format.
Nr Materialdag Utgivningsdag
1 4 February 7 March
2 29 April25 May
3 9 September 10 October
4 11 November 7 December

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