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We make it possible!

With over 40.000 readers spread over about 20 publications, thousands of participants on our meetings and educations each year, as well as seven-digit page views on websites we build and administer, we dare to say that we know what we do. Mostly. However, we are humble enough to also say no when we do not know what we are doing and then instead bring someone else in who can! For us, it is not important that we do the work - the important thing is that the costumer is satisfied!

Vårt lag

Our history

There is a lot to say about us and our history, which makes it hard to choose what to say!

We promise to refill this page as soon as we have the time (and can make up our minds!) 

Odoo • Image and Text

Pratlistan (the "talk-list")

Sometimes things are said that should never have been said. In the break room, at the staff party or in passing in an email or a text message. At Mediahuset we have the ill-mannered (?) tradition of saving some golden nuggets for future laughs in our wonderful Pratlisa!

Many thanks to all the staff who participated (and still participate) in this source of happiness - you know who you are :)
(unfortunately a lot of the fun disappears in these sayings if you translate it, so therefore we have chosen to keep Pratlistan i Swedish)